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CIOsynergy, a gathering of carefully selected I.T. leaders that represent the who's who of government I.T. in Washington D.C.  A symposium that has redefined problem solving within the office of the CIO, and a platform to explore the successes, failures, and battles of these officers on the frontlines of innovation.

Moderated by Scott Shuster, acclaimed former ABC foreign news correspondent and editor of NPR, and led by a panel of CIOs under the umbrella of thought leaders John Sculley, former Apple / Pepsi CEO, we'll discuss, debate and challenge the future of I.T. The ultimate roadmap for the office of the CIO as 150 I.T. leaders join us in a unparalleled learning environment at the Park Hyatt in Washington on January 24th.

Join us as we unite I.T. leaders representing some of the largest government agencies.  This is a rare opportunity to exchange ideas within a group of leaders that chase the common goal of advancement through innovation.

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Meet our Event Partners


  John Sculley - Former CEO of Pepsi Co, Apple

CIOsynergy's opening keynote John Sculley is one of America’s best-known business leaders, with one foot in the storied history of Apple technology and the other planted firmly in 21st century innovations that change the way the world does business. Few entrepreneurs have been as successful across so many fields as Sculley. His success stories include telecommunications, financial services, healthcare, high technology, Internet services, consumer marketing, and I.T. supply chain.

John Sculley was Pepsi-Cola Co’s youngest CEO leading the firm to become the largest selling consumer packaged goods in America.In 1982 Steve Jobs was building the first Macintosh computer and Steve believed the future of computing would be shaped by ease-of-use and he recruited John Sculley to Apple as CEO to teach Apple how to do big brand experience marketing. The Macintosh introductory TV commercial at the 1984 Super Bowl became the most famous advertising campaign of all time. 10 years later, when John Sculley left Apple, Macintosh was the largest selling personal computer in the world. During his ten years at Apple, he launched Desktop Publishing and the PowerBook, the most successful notebook computer at that time. Revenue was up 1000% over Sculley’s decade with Apple, and Apple was the most profitable personal computer company in the world.

Since leaving Apple, John and his Sculley Brothers Family Office has helped many high technology serial entrepreneurs build some of the most disruptively innovative technology enabled firms. These include MetroPCS, HotWire, NFO Research, Intralinks, and Credit Trade.
Currently, John is mentor and investor in mobility and Big Data analytics; consumerization of healthcare; data base marketing; I.T. supply chain; and emerging market financial services.

  Scott Shuster - Moderator and Chair

Scott Shuster has led virtually every BusinessWeek CEO, CFO, and CIO conference held since the founding of the magazine’s events group — more than 100 of the world’s most prominent gatherings of large-company leaders and senior executives.Scotts experience as a former ABC News foreign correspondent, Producer of NPR’s All Things Considered, Consulting Editor for The McGraw-Hill Companies and BusinessWeek and prodigious skills onstage make him the right choice to serve as moderator of the CIOpanel and chair to CIOsynergy D.C.


Registration & Networking Lunch - Epicurean Lunch with the Who's Who of I.T.

Dine in style with Leading I.T. Peers in a beautiful, hand-picked hotel located in the heart of the nations capitol. Join us as we indulge in an epicurean 5-star lunch, and find yourself in good company as you dine with the Who’s Who of enterprise I.T. leaders from within Washington D.C.

Enter the CIOarena™ with Scott Shuster

Who else can better set the tone for this epic meeting of the minds than moderator and event chair Scott Shuster. Scott leads discussions at some of the most prominent C-suite I.T. engagements across the country. CIOsynergy proudly brings his world renowned expertise to stage in Washington D.C.


A Moderated CIOpanel™ where 5 CIOs take a tell-all position on a panel that explores the direction of enterprise I.T., the successes, failures, and celebrations that defined their paths as ultimate I.T. leaders. We’ll gain insight into their vision with the help of moderator Scott Shuster, our panel of 5 CIOs, and special guests Bill Goodson of Alfresco, and Susan Young of T-Mobile .

Our Special Guests

Bill Goodson - Alfresco 

Bill Goodson is the VP of Alfresco’s public sector sales team. Over the past 20 years, Bill has held various executive level positions for Adobe, PeopleSoft, Autodesk and Sybase building and leading successful government sales teams. In each position, he built top-performing sales units that significantly increased revenue year-over-year. Throughout his career Bill has demonstrated a keen ability to establish and nurture strategic partnerships with system integrators, the consulting community and reseller partners to increase market share and boost sales.

Susan Young - T-Mobile

Susan Young, MSSI Vice President, North American Service Provider Sales for Motorola Solutions, Inc., was recruited to Symbol Technologies/Motorola Solutions in 2004 to create a Worldwide Network Service Provider sales team. In this role, Susan is responsible for defining market opportunity, achieving sales and business objectives, hiring key talent, and establishing ongoing strategic relationships with the top wireless and wire line carriers across the globe.  Susan currently leads the Federal Sales organization for T-Mobile USA.

Modern Applications: Mobile, Social, Cloud, Oh My!

Chris O'Connell, VP of the Federal Division at Appian

The convergence of mobile, social, cloud and big data technologies can create new business opportunities and innovative ways to work and accelerate mission success. But realizing that promise requires a modern work platform that grounds these disruptive technologies in the processes, systems and data that drive the business. In this session Appian’s VP of the Federal Division, Chris O’Connell, will talk about the key challenges of IT consumerization, sharing how Appian customers are turning today’s social and mobile revolution into real business value. He’ll discuss how to bring measurable meaning to mobile in your enterprise, allow access to corporate data (and action on that data) from any device, and how to drive greater efficiency by integrating work automation and social collaboration in a single user experience.

Retreat to the CIOlounge™

A cocktail reception under the umbrella of the latest technologies and the visionaries behind them. We’ve carefully selected 20 organizations that provide cutting edge solutions to the growing pains of the CIO – from the masters of intrusion detection to the pioneers of Hybrid Cloud, you’ll meet these visionaries during our cocktail reception in our CIOlounge™.

CIOReality™ presented by HP Cloud

CIOreality; an exploration of Enterprise I.T. and its battles. Here, we will walk the line with HP Chief Technologist Jeffery LaRue as he lays a path to be followed by sharing tales of success, failure, and those ever important lessons learned. Gripping discussion led by moderator Scott Shuster.

The Science of Enterprise Mobility

Dipesh Mukeji - Sr. Director of Product Strategy and Marketing at Kony

World renowned, former ABC correspondent Scott Shuster walks us through enterprise mobility and its reach. With the help of Dipesh Mukeji, a product strategist for market leader Kony, we will explore the management of modern mobility in the enterprise, and its integrated approach to cloud, IOT (internet of Things), M2M, and more.

Dipesh Mukerji is a Sr. Director of Product Strategy & Marketing at Kony. Prior to Kony, Dipesh was the Director of Strategy and Innovation at Reed Elsevier where he spearheaded their mobility efforts. Before Reed Elsevier, he spent five years as a Sales Engineer at Verivo Software where he implemented over thirty B2E & B2C mobile applications across multiple industries including financial services, insurance and consumer packaged goods. Dipesh has a BS in Information Systems from Carnegie Mellon and an MBA from Babson College.

secureCIO™ by BlackBerry

What do all CIOs have in common? A questions we asked ourselves before designing the secureCIO Panel.

The media is plagued with stories of intrusion to the largest brands we rely on daily; retail outlets, financial institutions, and among the latest victims are services like twitter and evernote which made headlines. When these attacks occur all eyes are on the CIO and questions of what they did, or what they didn’t do come into question. 5 CISOs join us on a panel that will discuss the clear and present danger these organizations face and the steps they take to guard against the enemy.


William McIntyre - CISO, Peace Corps

William McIntyre is the Chief Information Security Officer at the Peace Corps.

Chris Lowe - CISO, USDA

Chris Lowe is the Chief Information Security Officer at the United State Department of Agriculture.

Darren Van Booven - CISO, House of Representatives

Assistant Chief Administrative Officer responsible for all aspects of the House information security program to include policy, assurance, security operations center, incident response, and the Chief Administrative Officer's business continuity and disaster recovery planning program. The House has 15,000+ staff and contractors spread over 900 campus and district offices.

Keynote Presentation - John Sculley, former CEO of Apple/Pepsi

Keynote John Sculley made his mark as the CEO of America largest brands Apple and Pepsi. His tenure at Apple rose revenues from 800 million to 8 billion. Since Apple John has supported many tech seriel entrepreneurs in their pursuit to build some of the most disruptively innovative technology enabled firms; firms like MetroPCS, HotWire, NFO Research, Intralinks, and Credit Trade to name a few.

John has walked the line in leading firms through incubating innovation and on January 24th you'll see the hear stories from this mastermind in leadership; lessons for the Global IT leader.

Retreat to the CIOlounge™

A cocktail reception under the umbrella of the latest technologies and the visionaries behind them. We’ve carefully selected 20 organizations that provide cutting edge solutions to the growing pains of the CIO – from the masters of intrusion detection to the pioneers of Hybrid Cloud, you’ll meet these visionaries during our cocktail reception in our CIOlounge™.


I.T. folks love gadgets so I.T. folks love the CIOsynergy™ CIOdraw™. Over 20 sponsors have put forth a compilation of great giveaways; iPads and Tablets to weekend getaways at BMW driving schools; at CIOsynergy™ we’ve seen it ALL but are always taken back as they get better and better.



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